(Last revised on 05/19/2020)




Eligibility requirements to join the Southwest Seniors Golf Association (SWSGA) are as follows:


- Must be a male.

- Must be of age 50 or older *

- Must have a current handicap index of 10 or less.

- Must be approved by the Board of Directors.

[* exception - a professional who’s 50th birthday falls during the calendar year (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31) may join the SWSGA and participate at the age of 49 prior to his 50th birthday.  Note: a 49 year old professional cannot play as a non-member (guest).]




Membership dues are $125/year valid from October 1 until September 30.  New members dues will be pro-rated at $10/month off to conform to the memberships’ fiscal year and will be calculated based on the specific month the player joins, (i.e., a new member joining in January would pay an initial pro-rated membership of $95 which would be valid through September 30 of that year, at which time his renewal rate would become $125 for the following membership fiscal year beginning October 1 of that year and expiring September 30 of the following year.)

Similarly, a new member joining within three months of September 30 will be pro-rated up, (i.e., a member joining in July will pay a pro-rate membership of $155 ($30 + $125) and his membership would be valid thought Sept 30 of the following year.)



Non-members (Guests) may play in regular season events for an additional $25 per tournament.  A non-member may play as a guest only twice within the SWSGA fiscal membership calendar year, (Oct.1 – Sept. 30).  The $25 or $50 (2x$25) non-member fee(s) collected will become a credit towards the player's membership dues should he decide to join.  Such credits shall apply only to that membership year and shall be calculated from the first month in which the non-member participates.  Note: Similar to a new member, a non-member/guest must have a verifiable handicap index of 10 or less.



Any member who refers a new member to join will receive a 4 point Founders Championship credit, for each referral, on the current years’ FC points list used to qualify for that special year-end event.  The referring member’s name must be indicated on the new members’ membership application form and have paid in full the applicable dues in order for the referring member to gain the credit(s).


If a member becomes unable to participate due to a medical reason, (i.e., knee replacement, etc.), he may request an extension of his membership’s expiration date.  The member shall submit in writing his request for the extension and state the medical reason for such request, and his dues expiration date may be extended upon approval by the Board of Directors.



USGA Rules will apply in all events, amended only by Local Rules included on the Notice to Contestants placed on each cart at each event.

Proper golf attire shall be worn at all SWSGA events.  Athletic shorts, collarless T-shirts or denim (jeans) are NOT permitted.

Use of mobile phones and pagers are not permitted during tournament play, except to report an emergency, or to call an official for a ruling. 



Pre-payment of the tournament entry fee and, if applicable, the non-member/guest fee, is required for all events.  The deadline for tournament entry payment is usually the Friday before each event.  Payment may be made online through the SWSGA.com website with a credit card via Paypal.  Participants who have not prepaid their entry fee by the entry deadline are subject to exclusion from tournament pairings.



Tournament cancellation less than 24 hours prior to any event will result in loss of entry fee.

There are no refunds for tournament entry fees.  Tournament cancellation more than 24 hours prior to an event will result in the entry fee being credited for a future event.  

When a credit is to be used for a future event, notification of the intent to use the credit shall be submitted in writing.



The prize pool and its’ breakdown varies for each individual event and is based on the total number of participants.  The number of winning teams and winning individuals is determined by size of the starting field, and the number of participants in each age group, respectively.  A tie for last place team prize shall be broken first by the team’s back nine score, then the last 6, last 3, the 18th, 17th, 16th, etc. until the tie is broken.

Amateur winners shall be paid with a gift card (from Van’s Golf Shops).  Professional winners, Optional Cash Pool winners, and Hole-in-One (or Deuce-Pot) winners shall be paid with a check from the SWSGA.   

Individual amateur contests include winners in low gross scores and low net scores in 3 or 4 age groups.  The size of the amateur starting field at each individual event will determine if there are 3 or 4 age groups.  An amateur starting field of 48 or fewer players will be split in to 3 groups, where as an amateur starting field of 49 or more players will be split into 4 groups.  The age groups for amateurs shall be as equal in size as possible.  An amateur may win in low gross or low net within his respective age group, but not both.  A winner in both low gross and low net will be paid from the division that pays the most dollar value only.  Should a player finish in a position whereby he would win the same amount in either the gross or net division, he shall be placed in the gross division.  Therefore, age ranges for each group will vary from event to event, depending on the actual birth dates of the amateur participants entered.

Individual professional contests include winners in low gross in 3 or 4 age groups.  The size of the professional starting field at each individual event will determine if there are 3 or 4 age groups.  A professional starting field of 21 or fewer players will be split in to 3 groups, where as a professional starting field of 22 or more players will be split into 4 groups.  Age groups for professionals shall be as equal in size as possible.  Therefore, age ranges for each group will vary from event to event, depending on the actual birth dates of the professional participants entered.



A $20 Optional Cash Pool is offered at each event.  The $20 is allocated as follows, $1 to the Hole-in-One Pot, $6 low gross pot, $6 low net pot, $3.50 Gross skins, and $3.50 Net skin pot.  Players will be awarded the larger of either low gross pot or low net pot, but not both.  A winner in both low gross and low net will be paid from the pot that pays the highest dollar value only.  Players may win in both gross and net skin pots on the same hole.  Gross and net skins pools are separate pools, therefore the value of skins in each pot may be of different. If there are no skins in either the Gross or Net skins pot, the dollar value of the “no winner skin pot” will be placed in the Founders event.


At each monthly event, one dollar ($1) of every $20 optional Cash Pool entry will go into the Hole-In-One Pot.  If a player makes a gross hole-in-one, he will win the pot, and a new pot will be started at the next event. Should more than 1 hole-in-one be made at the same event, the pot will be shared.  If no player makes a hole-in-one, the pot will carry over to the next event.  Only Optional Cash Pool participants are eligible to win the Hole-In-One Pot. If the pot balance exceeds $500 and is unclaimed at the Founders event, then it will become a “Deuce Pot” at the Founders event, where all players who score any gross deuce(s) (2's) during the Founders competition will split the pot.  If the balance in the Hole in One pot is less than $500 at the Founders event, it will continue to roll over to the next event. NOTE: When the deuce pot is in play, a hole-in-one will trump the deuce pot, and the hole in one will win the entire pot. Only Optional Cash Pool participants are eligible to win the Hole-In-One pot, or Duece Pot if in effect. 



Members may request (and are encouraged) to play with a non-member (guest).  However, a member may request to play with the same non-member only once in a 12-month period.  When a member requests to play with a non-member (or vice-versa), it is considered a 2-way request from both the member and the non-member.  In other words, neither player may request to play with that same player within a 12-month period.

Other pairing request policies are as follows:

Members may not request to play with other members.**

Members may not request to play with more than one non-member (guest) at an event.  Similarly, a Non-member (guest) may not request to play with more than one member at an event.

** exception – Periodically, at the option of the Board of Director, an event may be declared a “Play-with-a-Friend” event.  When this occurs two members may request to be paired together.  If both players are “A” players they will be paired with two “B” players.  If both players are “B” players they will be paired with two “A” players.  Should one player be an “A” player and the other is a “B” player they will be paired with another “A” & “B” pair.  Not everyone entered will be required to find a friend and those entering as a single will be paired randomly via the computers handicap pairing system to complete the draw and fill each foursomes.  Note 1: In a “Play with a Friend” event a professional cannot request to play with another professional.  Note 2: Other special events approved and introduced by the Board may create similar exceptions.

Pairings are made on the Saturday prior to each event.  After legitimate pairing requests are accommodated, pairings are randomly computed by our Tournament Manager Software.  Pairings are then e-mailed to all participants Sunday PM.



Handicaps are calculated monthly by the Association’s Handicap System software, and only scores returned in our SWSGA events are used in its calculations.  Each player’s last 8 scores are used, and the 3 highest scores are dropped.  Then, 96% of the average over par is the player’s handicap.  A minimum of 5 scores is needed to calculate a handicap after a player joins the SWSGA.  A player will keep the handicap he reported at his first event until a 4th score is obtained, unless he scores lower than his reported handicap, in which case his handicap will be manually lowered.  After a player has played in 5 events, his highest score is dropped.  After a player has played 6 or 7 events his highest 2 scores are dropped.  After a player has played in 8 events, his 3 highest scores are dropped.  Golf course slope and rating are used in the handicap calculation for each event.  The maximum handicap the SWSGA will allow a member to have is 14.  Should a member reach a point where he is unable to maintain a 14 handicap he will not be allowed to automatically renew his membership when it becomes due.



After completion of the round, each competitor is responsible for checking his score for each hole and settling any disputes with the team and/or the Tournament Director.  The scorecard marker must ensure that all team members have signed the scorecard, and then must place the scorecard in the Recorder’s scorecard box as soon as possible upon completion of play.  No alteration may be made on the scorecard after it has been placed in the Recorder’s scorecard box. Scores are considered FINAL at the end of the tournament.  Preliminary Team Scores will be displayed at the end of the tournament.  We will communicate all scores and payouts within 5 days.


Players must play without undue delay and in accordance with pace of play guidelines established by the Board of Directors.  If a team falls out of position, an official shall issue a warning.  If pace of play (i.e. team position) is not improved within 30 minutes (or 2 holes), the team score may be assessed a 2-stroke penalty on the hole the team is playing after the 30 minutes have elapsed, unless otherwise specified by the tournament committee.



For improved pace of play, it should be noted that if a player does not complete a hole, he is still eligible for the team and closest-to-pin competitions, and if he has entered the cash pool he is still eligible for gross and net skins, and the Hole-in-One Pot.  If a player does not complete a hole, he will not be eligible for individual low gross or low net scores in both the regular and the cash pool divisions of the competitions.  The Committee recommends that, in order to help the pace of play, that once a player’s has recorded an “X” individual score will not help his team score; he should not complete the hole, and enter an 'X' for his score on that hole.

The SWSGA tournament software will not allow a score of 'X' on a hole.  So if a player does not complete a hole, and an “X” is recorded, the computer will automatically adjust the entered score to the maximum score allowed under USGA handicap policies.  (For higher handicap player this could be up to a maximum of a triple bogey.)



Conduct "unbecoming of a SWSGA member" will not be tolerated.  Any conduct deemed inappropriate shall be properly dealt with by the Board of Directors, and may result in membership termination.



The SWSGA annual calendar of events shall consist of twelve (12) regular events and one (1) final event, the FOUNDERS CHAMPIONSHIP (FC).  Members will qualify for the FC via the FC Points List.  Points may be gained from three sources.  Points will be awarded at each event for a player’s, 1) participation, 2) their performance, and 3) by the introduction of new member(s).  The top 72 amateur members available and the top 24 professional members available on the FC Points List at the conclusion of the 12th or final regular season event will qualify for the FC.

Only Members in good standing may participate in the season ending “FOUNDERS CHAMPIONSHIP.



The SWSGA has a Board of Directors comprised of 9 members, with a minimum of 3 Pro’s. The Board of Directors is responsible for the annual review of the corporate by-laws, setting the SWSGA Policies and Procedures, for creating and adhering to an annual budget, for general administrative guidance, and the appointment and confirmation of an Executive Director, a Tournament Director and any other staff required to manage the day-to-day affairs of the SWSGA and for the staging of the events.  The Board of Directors shall also determine the board officers, which shall include a President, Vice-President and a Secretary/Treasurer. 

The Board of Directors shall meet a minimum of 4 times a year.  Each Board member shall attend a minimum of 4 meetings per year, and participate in a minimum of 6 SWSGA golf events per year.



The SWSGA has an Executive Director who handles all administrative responsibilities for each tournament and for the general administration of the Association.  Correspondence should be directed to the Executive Director, and he will contact and involve the SWSGA President and/or the Board of Directors as required. Executive Director will advise the Board of any policy or disciplinary violations.